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Welcome! This is the personal homepage of leg. vet. Maria Malidaki. It’s a digital ”lab” primarily about veterinary medicine, animal behavior. The main posting language is in Swedish.

I aspire to write about topics my clients ask me regarding their animals – something like FAQ mixed with ELI5 (”explain it like I’m five” concept, where we break down expert topics into broadly understandable basics). There might also be posts about what I’m currently reading or attending regarding scientific literature / events. Some nature photography is also planned to appear.

Who is the Unstoppable Veterinarian? – A summary

The Unstoppable Veterinarian is a nickname I earned from my supervisor, prof. Matthias Laska, during my Master’s thesis on applied ethology and animal biology. It represents what I hope to be – an unstoppable force, a superhero for the non-human animal species that need my help. My tools are medicine and behavioral science.

I didn’t always dream of becoming a vet, but I was always interested in and loved animals, starting by taking care of feral kittens when I was no more than five. It was long, though, before I decided to pursue the life of a veterinarian. When a loved homeless dog died in my arms after having been poisoned, I felt I needed to have better chances in helping animals that required medical assistance. Year 2013, I became a licensed veterinarian.

Fast-forward 2017, I received my Master’s degree in applied ethology and animal biology, which was my next necessary tool in helping non-human animals. Through the observation of behavior and by giving animals choices, we can ask questions and translate needs, statuses and preferences in more understandable to us, human terms.

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Current work & contact

My goal after my studies was to pursue a researcher career primarily in cattle, which is the fantastic species I chose to work on during my Master’s thesis. But difficult as it is to compete for research grants, I turned my ”superpowers” towards smaller species that needed my medical and behavioral support. Thus, 2017 I started working with an incredible team at C&C Djurcenter! My full-text CV is available here for those interested in my work experience:

My three main principles are:

  • Science. The scientific literature is my guide to the best treatment for my patients.
  • Reduced stress for the animal. I try my best to adjust an examination so that it will be the least stressful for the patient.
  • Follow-ups, education, motivation. I follow-up on how my patients are doing (primarily by email) on a regular basis. If you’re unsure about something, need information on animal’s health issue or treatment plan, all you need to do is ask away! Education is the only way forward and the only way to improvement.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your non-human companions at the clinic!

  • For veterinary questions, you reach me via C&C Djurcenter.
  • For general contact you can email me at
  • I am available for connection at ResearchGate and Linkedin.